If your Volvo is damaged, call in the experts.

In the event that your Volvo needs a cosmetic or collision repair, Arcadia Body Shop is ready to assist you.  Getting your car back to the same level of safety and performance it had before your accident is our goal.  Bring your vehicle to our certified body shop and receive complete customer satisfaction by experiencing a premium service throughout the entire repair.

Arcadia Body Shop is your one source for collision care management:
• Repairs made by our trained technicians to ensure Volvo standards, using specialized tools and Volvo Genuine Parts
• Our Professional Claims Handlers will provide expert inspection and evaluation
• We work with all insurance companies
• Alternate transportation facilitation
• Superior customer satisfaction
• Complimentary towing by Volvo within 25 miles.

Our standards are high because the stakes are high.

Our standards are high to ensure that all work will be performed to Volvo’s factory specifications by our expertly trained collision repair technicians.  Volvo’s incorporate the most modern safety features available.  Don’t risk or compromise your safety, or that of your family and loved ones by allowing anyone that has not been certified by Volvo to work on your vehicle.  Arcadia Body Shop has made all the necessary investments to satisfy Volvo’s strict requirements and be recognized as a Volvo Certified Collision Center.  That means a superior repair experience for you.

Find the closest Volvo Certified location within our group.

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